Friday, August 10, 2012

Top Dog Wins

                                                          Have a Great Day!!

This is my dog Luke...the one on top of course.  Just having his way in front of ongoing traffic.  Even though it's an animalistic domination, I came away with some hump for thought. In life, you gotta go after what you want, balls to the wall, no holding back.  I'm not saying get her drunk and take advantage or vice versa- liquor up the guy, bone and pull the goalie.  If you don't know that phrase, here's a definition from one of my favorite websites, "Urban Dictionary."

1.pulling the goalie226 up39 down
Usually in reference to a married couple, pulling the goalie means to stop the use of contraceptive devices, in the hopes of conveiving a child. Derived from the hockey term.
You guys are pregnant! I didn't even know you were pulling the goalie!
You have nothing to lose by asking for what you desire, the worst someone can say is no and then at least you tried.  No one ever wants to look back and wonder what if, you want to look in front of you and think, damn straight I'm fucking doing this! Take Luke's advice this week, grab the bull by the horns and just go for it!

Let me know what you're going after! @jillanenberg

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