Friday, August 17, 2012

Tickled by Ted!

One of my favorite summer movies is a comedy of course, Ted! I thought Seth McFarlane's one of a kind raunchy, slightly offensive humor was spot on.

 I absolutely loved that a cuddly adorable teddy bear was the character with the worst language and a huge stoner.  What makes Family Guy so awesome is that they push the limits.  No disappointment in this film, plenty of lines left me thinking, "Wow he really just said that!"  Ted dared a hooker to take a crap in the apartment...and she did!  There were lots of funny pop culture references and hilarious 80's throwbacks!  
What made the 8th grader in me, wait that sounds weird, my 13 year old sense of humor in me happy was all the fart jokes that had me laughing so hard I farted. So that's a double plus! Well not for the people sitting around me ;)

  If you're a fan of Family Guy you will love "Ted"...even if you're not, this movie will change your perspective and you won't help but laugh your ass off.  The humor is quick, insulting and down right hilarious.

Not to forget, Mila Kunis is always an added bonus because she's definitely a hot piece of comedic ass!

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  1. Jill, YOU would be great in a movie like this! Forget Mila... You are hot and funny as they come!!