Friday, August 31, 2012

Sick Ass Summer Toes!

Just because it's hot outside doesn't mean it's ok for everyone to wear sandals and expose their sick ass toes.  Most likely your feet recently came out of hybernation and haven't been prepped for their summer unveiling.  

Here's a few tips in case you're not sure. 

1) Your toenails are dirty & jagged

2) Your heels have more ridges than a 100 year old tree

3) There's hair you haven't waxed yet

The good news is, all you gotta do is walk your grungy feet into any nail salon, let them bust out the hack saw on your tootsies and take a few layers off your heels. Ladies paint your toe nails a bright color to distract from any other issues your feet might have.  And if you are sportin' hair on your feet, just know that's the only thing that will keep you warm bc no one's gonna play footsies with that!  If you're not taking care of your toes...what else on your body is being neglected? Paint them toes pretty so when they're wrapped around your guys neck you can admire your nice looking feet instead of kill the mood ;)

Happy Summer!

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