Tuesday, March 27, 2012

An invention from a MILF!!

"Simple Steps Bedding, No Tucking"

Today's blog is a tribute to my MILF of a Mom! Walmart is currently holding a contest for best invention...This is her second time competing in the competition, she was asked back again this year! 

I may be biased because I came out of this hot woman, but damn she's got a great idea!  The winner is determined by votes. You can vote by Facebook, once a day until Sept 2nd. The most votes advance to the next round and continues until a winner is chosen.

Please vote daily and spread the news thru Facebook, Twitter-  #GetOnTheShelf  Email, even on your own website if you'd like. It's good karma!

Ok I know you're dying to know what the hell this great idea is.  Her invention... whether you just sleep on them, fool around on them or tuck your kids in at night - no matter who you are, we all use bed sheets. My Mom, Donna has created bedding that requires no tucking and the bed's made easily by aligning color coded velcro strips. Be inspired and have a laugh at this video demonstration of 
"Simple Steps Bedding, No Tucking"

Thanks for watching! And in honor of all the Mom's out there, please vote for mine :)

What fan's are saying:
* "She has my vote! How inventive and cute!"
* "Neat product! She's beautiful...you've inherited some good genes."
* "OMG....Donna is adorable! Great idea too!! I want those sheets!!"