Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Movember & Moustache Ride’s

You may have noticed some men sporting super sexy or maybe funny moustaches this month.  At first I thought it was to give them more reason to ask girls, “Hey want a moustache ride?” then I found out, it was for much more.

After registering at www.movember.com, for the rest of the month guys let their hair down and groom and wax their stache into a conversation piece. The cause is really great and will get a girl to respect you much more than spirting out the former moustache line.  These guys are raising awareness for issues related to men’s health, primarily prostate and testicular cancer. And we want our men and their balls healthy and strong so if asked nicely, us girls are happy to help out.

At the end of November huge parties are held to celebrate their new facial designs and fundraising.  Whether he grew a flavor savor, chin curtain or a porn star stache I can appreciate and maybe even be turned on by it!  But no, this doesn’t give guys the permission to say, “You can shave me if I can shave you.” 

If you haven’t supported a cool dude yet and want to, support my good friend Dave’s non-shaving efforts by making a donation at: http://mobro.co/DavidUllmar

                                                     Just the Tip:

1) According to the Guinness Book of World Records, in July 1993, Kalyan Ramji Sain of India, had a mustache that measured 133.4 inches long. That's twice as long as me!

2) A U.S. Marine’s mustache cannot be longer than half an inch. But I’m sure he makes up in length elsewhere.

3) Why not get the pets involved

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