Friday, September 16, 2011

You are what you eat!

Gone are the days of mindless eating…or they should be.  There’s a reason why this phrase became popular… “Wine, dine…you know the rest.”  Or maybe you don’t if you’re just taking your lovely lady to McDonalds or cooking your man a can of boring soup.

Food can be an expression of art, love and thoughtfully put together aphrodisiac ensembles.  The word aphrodisiac originated from a festival celebrating the Greek goddess of love, Aphrodite.  Her worshippers, our men today, feasted on yummy food and after the tradition it led to a night of sex acts.  Hence, the idea of good food leading to good lovin’.

Especially now while the economy sucks- have date night at home and hopefully you’ll be making more than dinner!

Take advantage of the hot sexy weather and bring your afternoon date to a Farmers Market. Pick out a few phallic vegetables, fish and fresh fruit.  Have fun flirting in the kitchen while you bathe your vegi’s and fruit, dice and sizzle up your meal.  Get corny and stand behind your lady and help sauté the vegi’s.  Show her what's getting hard while the vegi's get soft.  Get cute and feed your man tastes of the work in progress from your fingers. Tip- just make sure they are nicely manicured!

And don’t forget dessert…A sweet ending to your evening in more ways than one.  Lucky in love edibles.  We all know the “sweet” benefits of pineapple.  So why not make a pineapple upside down cake that will hopefully end with you upside down on the kitchen table. 

Top it all off with a little wine or a fun cocktail… I like to call it Love Potion number #9.

Just the tip:
1) Dip everything in CHOCOLATE.  It increases the amount of serotonin in your body & contains theobromine, a stimulant.  So you will feel good and have the energy to do something about it!

2) Pour honey on your honey.  It increases libido!  It also aids in stamina...ride em' cowgirl!

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