Sunday, August 7, 2011

Show Me Your Down Dog!

Don't get too excited, that's not me ;)

Face down, ass up that’s the way I like to workout! 

If I told you there was a workout where you could stare at a toned tushy and lose weight would you sign up?! Hell yeah you would.  So get your butt into a yoga class and get ready for a down dog inducing sweaty workout that works every muscle in your body. There are a variety of exercises available to us and many only the female gender seems to dominate. Guys what’s up with that!? Sure we all hike and it’s nice to see hot girls in their short shorts and buff guys in their tank tops, but it’s only a 20 second glimpse.  Not long enough to really form a solid remembrance for later on (wink wink). Why not spend an hour watching the girl, or guy in front of you continuously touch their toes and flaunt that yoga booty in your face!

When I’m in class I seriously think to myself, “If I were a lesbian I’d totally be a yoga instructor.” So if I ever get divorced and change professions you know what happened there. 

My best friend is a yoga teacher and some of her advanced moves have become party tricks. Who doesn’t want to see a hot chick with her legs behind her head! Start taking class and that could be you! Or guys, take class and you could meet that girl and if you’re lucky enough get a private lesson in the comfort of your own home. But if that doesn't work out for you, maybe just maybe you can get flexible enough...

Contrary to what some may assume, yoga actually builds up quite a sweat. You leave feeling centered, motivated and with a rush of endorphins released. Perfect time to hit on that hottie you had your eye on during practice. I’d assume at least half the people participating in yoga classes do so for the spiritual, mind/body calming effects- in short, less crazy bitches.

Not to forget the outfits either. In an effort to maximize full flexibility, you’re encouraged to sport spandex, sports bras and overall form fitting attire.  The hardest thing about this workout is hiding your “up dog” in tight clothes.

So go put on your tightest, sexiest outfit, grab a yoga mat and who knows, you might be doing more than yoga on it!

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