Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Chick Flicks

With Memorial Day marking the unofficial beginning of summer, it’s time to knock the dust off of my favorite warm-weather outfits.  Girls are sporting mini skirts, guys showing off their guns, and of course we’re saying no to the butter on our popcorn. We all know that summertime loves Chick Flicks.  I can hear the guys moaning already.  But trust me, if you just hang in there and go with your girl, you’ll be moaning again sooner than you think ;)

Dude, think about what happens during a rom-com (romantic comedy).  The funny dialogue makes for an evening of smiles, laughter and an overall good mood.  Meanwhile, you had to provide zero energy for that mood alteration.  There’s always a story of overcoming some ridiculous obstacle and the couple ends up together happy and kissing & live happily ever after.  Cut to- you walk out of the theater hand in hand, laughing, impersonating characters and their funny lines, the mood is romantic JUST BECAUSE OF THE MOVIE and next thing you know this chick flick turned the rest of the evening into a dick flick!  The paint by numbers plot line of romance will leave you painting your way from 1st base to rounding 3rd and if you’re slick (or she’s a ho) hitting a home run! This won’t just be another tear jerker, but a… ok you get the point.

Guys, the more times you watch Ashton Kutcher deliver a sappy line gives you credits to drag her ass to another Iron Man sequel.  Another thought girls, make it a real chick, “chick flick” night and go with the ladies.  This will give your guy a chance to miss you and you a chance to refill your love meter without sucking the fun out of his day…just his night ;)

Just the tip:
    1) Splurge on candy at the theater, especially chocolate bc it’s an aphrodisiac!
    2) Wear that mini skirt ladies and don’t forget to shave…everything!

My favorite chick flicks:
My Best Friend’s Wedding
Something About Mary
Dirty Dancing